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Friday, 26 April 2019

Best Homeopathic Medicine For Alopecia Areata

Finding Best Homeopathic Medicine For Alopecia Areata:
Clinical Update and Review of Repertory Rubrics

Alopecia Areata is a type of recurrent non-scarring alopecia, of origin
autoimmune disease that involves hair loss from the scalp and other hairy areas
of the body. Its evolution is variable, and can be presented as a single plate or
as multiple plates, being able to progress to affect the entire surface of the leather
scalp, picture known as total alopecia. If the condition progresses, other areas
hairy of the body may be affected as the hair of the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, area
genital, etc., when alopecia then tends to generalization is known as
universal alopecia. The Alopecia Areata may also present involvement of the nails (associated with cases of greater severity), being the pitting, or nail in thimble, the most frequent manifestation to find.
The following are considered bad prognostic factors:
1- Extension of injuries
2- Duration of alopecia
3- Personal history of atopy
4- Family history of Alopecia Areata
5- Presence of other autoimmune diseases
6- Nail involvement
7- Beginning in childhood
8- Opiate form (when alopecia compromises the temporo line of implantation

The evolution of the pathology when presented as isolated plaques is usually benign
with spontaneous repopulation of the lesions, however for the disseminated forms the
prognosis is reserved being also the treatment for these forms of presentation of
very difficult dermatological management. Are these cases of difficult resolution an opportunity so that homeopathic treatment can demonstrate its depth of action.

Material and methods
As part of the systematic research program of the Repertory rubrics carried out
At Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation India, all the headings were investigated
repertoriales related to the pathology in question, present in the Repertoire of Kent and others
Classical repertoires: Boger-Boenninghausen, Boericke, Knerr, etc.
-Hair, hair, fall, plates, in
-Hair, hair, baldness
-Head, hair, baldness, plates
-Nose, window hairs fall
-Oh, hair, fall, eyebrows
-Eye, hair, fall, eyelashes
-Cara, fall, mustache
-Cara, fall, sideburns
-Genital feminine, hair, fall, of
-Genital male, pubic hair, fall
-Piel, hair falls

There was also an investigation in the Classical Medical Materiel that systematically complemented the previous analysis and included clinical healings
of cases belonging to the Bank of Report and Study of Homeopathic Cases of
India (BRECHI),

A large series of modifications of great practical value could be detected and
Medications: a. Missing rubrics were added, b. wrong included in
others were eliminated; c. scores of them were corrected.
Rubrics: a, missing in the repertoires were added; b. duplicates were
unified c. of doubtful or unclear significance were clarified; d
established crossings and relationships between the rubrics of 1 ° 2 ° and 3 ° degree.
All these modifications were included in the Software of Dr. Kasana of the Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation . We illustrate this summary with the example of following rubric that corresponds to the Alopecia Areata:

Head, hair, fall, plates, in
all-c , apis, ars , bac, calc , CALC-PH, canth, carb-an , cupr-s, FL-AC, graph, hep , iod,
kali-p, kali-s, morg-g, petr, phos, psor , sulph, vinc-m
For Calcárea phosphorica the score three (3) comes from cases reported and cured of Alopecia Areata in GAP

Our other articles explaining how it is treated with Homeopathy and the Best indicated Homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata are given below.

Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation India
Alopecia Areata Repertorial Update
Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation, Faridabad, Delhi- NCR, India 31 April 2018 and 17 Aug, 2018
© Homeopathic Medical Foundation Aura . All rights reserved.

Dr. Abhishek Kasana M.D Homeopathy (Homeopathic Doctor In India)
Homeopathic Specialist in Skin and Hair disease- Dermatology Homeopathic
Adjunct Professor Homopathic Medical Foundation
Master in Homeopathic Medicine

Postal Address:
1.     Aura Homeopathic Clinic & Research Centre India, Shop No-38, Huda market, Sector-21 A, Faridabad, India
2.     Aura Homeopathy Clinic, 321, sector-31, near gate no7s, Faridabad, India
Telephone: +91-11-9873537001


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