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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Homeopathy For Hormonal Imbalance | Can Homeopathy help to get pregnant faster?

Aura Homeopathy Imbalance Hormones Naturally

Aura Homeopathy For Infertility Homeopathy also helps women to conceive a baby. The point on this gentle medicine that could help you get pregnant faster.

Homeopathy is based on three main principles. A substance that causes in a healthy person certain disorders is able to cure these same disorders in a sick person. This is the law of similarity. The substances used (animal, vegetable or mineral) are very low dose without losing their effectiveness: it is the principle of infinitesimality . Finally, homeopathy is a medicine that treats the whole person and not just disease. 

Aura Homeopathy For Hormonal Imbalance Treatment In India. Homeopathic medicine are very effective for various hormone imbalance condition including: Pcod, Uterine fibroid, irregularities in menses, prematutre ejaculation, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, Hair loss, alopecia, mood swings, anxiety, depression, etc. Our Team of Best Homeopathy doctor in Delhi, have a good track record, to help you with the aid of 100% safe and natural homeopathy medicine for Hormonal Imbalance. At Aura we recommended Homeopathy For Hormonal imbalance in both male and female patients. 

As per Dr.Abhishek Kasana M.D Homeopathy doctor in India, role of classical homeopathy is well known to medical doctors, but these well selected sweet homeopathy globules can also be a helpful aid in Hormonal imbalance. Now a days, a number of couples are opting Homeopathy For Hormone imbalance treatment in India.

Best infertility homeopathy doctor in Delhi

How can homeopathy help in Hormonal imbalance and infertility?

Homeopathy is very effective in cases hormonal imbalance and infertility.
Good Classical Homeopathy treatment can regulate ovulation, menstrual cycles and helps to improve the hormonal balance. It also promotes implantation of the egg in the uterine lining. Classical  homeopathic treatment can be prescribed on the basis of patient personality.

Before In vitro fertilization, homeopathy effectively treats the mental stress, anxiety and anguish of female patient.

How long should homeopathic therapy be used Hormonal Imbalance ?
6 to 9 months of homeopathy treatment, with granules twice a day, make it possible to obtain, good cure.

Homeopathic treatments For Hormonal imbalance and to get pregnant faster
Here are some guidelines for women who want to conceive a baby quickly, helping them to regulate their cycle, for example, or to keep their minds free during the baby testing months, which can sometimes be very long. For a precise treatment adapted to your needs, it is recommended to seek advice from your Homeopathic doctor who will have classical vision of your symptoms.

To promote the fertility of women with 28-day cycles (as a single dose):
- Ovarium, 1 dose at day 5 of the cycle
- Folliculinum, 1 dose at day 7
- Progesteronum, 1 dose updated 21

If women wishing to regulate long cycles (35 days or more):

- LHRH, 5 granules every morning except during menstruation
- Folliculinum, one dose at day 15 and another at day 29
- Progesteronum, 5 granules of Day17 until the day of menstruation

When a pregnancy is slow to arrive, to fight against the psychological impact of baby tests or as part of a PMA technique :
- Igniata amara, 5 granules morning and evening
- Gelsenium, 5 granules morning and evening

Improving quality of her cervical mucus :
- Lycopodium, 5 granules morning and evening
- Gelsenium, 5 granules morning and evening

Where to find a specialist in homeopathy?
Aura Homeopathy Clinic & research Centre India, 321, Sector-31, Faridabad, 121003 India.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Best Homeopathy Medicine For Prostate Treatment In Delhi

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Homeopathy Treatment

The prostate gland is a small gland 7-16 grams in weight (15-28 cc), which surrounds the 1st part of urethra below the bladder in men. It secrete prostatic fluid. It also help in expulsion of semen out during the process of ejaculation. When size of prostate gland increase more than 30 cc, it indicates BPH - benign prostate hyperplasia. BPH is non-cancerous prostate gland enlargement. Best Homeopathy medicines for prostate enlargement can save a person from surgery. At Aura we provide Best Homeopathy Medicine For Prostate. We have Best Homeopathy Doctor In Delhi For Benign Prostatic Enlargement BPH. At Aura Homeopathy, our Team of Best Homeopathy doctor in delhi provide Best Homeopathic treatment which is very effective for prostate problem.
Best Homeopathy Medicine For Prostate Treatment In Delhi
Best Homeopathy Medicine For Prostate treatment In Delhi

Best Homeopathy Medicine For Prostate Treatment
Chimaphilla umbellata
This is Best homeopathy medicine for prostatitis and enlarge prostate. Patient complaint retention urination and frequent urging to pee. At times patient complaints of sensation as if a ball is lodged in the pelvic floor, he complaint of swelling, pressure and soreness in pelvic region which gets worse while sitting down.

Benign Prostate Hypertrophy along with difficulty after urination. Pain in pelvis which extend to the urinary bladder, which gets worse when the patient is lying on his back. Prostate patient complaint's of thick, bland, yellowish discharge from the penis. Patient is very emotional and want love and affection. He feels better in open air. Pulsatila is Best Homeopathy Medicine for Emotional person suffering from Benign Prostate Enlargement.

Other Homeopathy Medicine for Prostate Enlargement

Apis mellifica
Stinging pain while urination which gets worse towards conclusion of urination is Red line symptom of this medicine. The pelvic area is sensitive to touch because of swelling of prostate. Patient feel worse from heat in general and he feels good in open air or while taking cool bath.

Urine loss when the person coughs or sneezes often indicates a need for this remedy. Once urine has started passing, the person may feel pressure or pulsation extending from the prostate to the bladder. It is Best Homeopathy Medicine for prostate enlargement when sexual pleasure during orgasm is diminished or absent.

Another Best Homeopathic medicine for BPH when swelling of the prostate seems to have narrowed or tightened the urinary passage. Urine comes out slowly, in drops, with dribbling afterward.

Another Good Homeopathy medicine for prostate when urine is slow to start, with pressure in the prostate, during and after passing urine. The prostate is enlarged along with impotence. Patient complaints of indigestion along with gas and bloating.

Sabal serrulata
Difficulty in passing urine, with frequent urge to urinate at night and feeling of coldness in the sexual organs, strongly suggest for this homeopathy medicine in Prostate. Moreover this medicine is made from saw palmetto which is also used as an herbal extract for similar prostate problems.

Indicative homeopathy medicine in BPH, with burning pain in his urinary passage, and urine retention. Mentally patients are romantic and sentimental, along with sexual problem and impotence.

Top Homeopathy medicine for enlarged prostate, where patient has frequent urge to urinate, along with burning or cutting pain near the neck of bladder. After passing urine, sensation of dribbling is felt. A divided stream of urine is noticed by the patient indicating this remedy.
Best Homeopathy Doctor In Delhi For Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Problem
Homeopathy Doctor In Delhi For Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Problem

Why Homeopathy For BPH?

Best homeopathic medicine for Prostatitis "BPH" Treatment and Other Prostate Problems for Overall Prostate Health!
Best selected homeopathic medicine prevent, improve and eliminate most Prostate Problems Fast, With Natural homeopathy Prostate Supplements, Aura homeopathy Medicine for Prostatitis "BPH" and other Prostate Health Problems!

Aura Homeopathic Treatment Helps in following way:-

  • Ensure Healthy Urinary Flow, Pee Like an Eighteen Year Old!
  • Optimize Prostate Health and Prevent Prostate Enlargement!
  • Help Prevent Prostate Cancer!
  • Dramatically Lower Elevated PSA Results!
  • Effectively Relieve Symptoms of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, (BPH) with Natural Remedies
  • It helps to Improve Chronic Prostate Health Conditions While Reducing Associated Pain!
  • Helps to Maintain Maximum Urinary Tract Health!
  • Prevent Common Prostate Health Problems Before They Start!
  • Improves and Helps Maintain Sexual Energy and Vitality!
  • It does Not Have the Many Unwanted Side Effects Associated With Dangerous Prescription Drugs Like Proscar, Hytrin and Flomax

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Homeopathic solutions for Pollen Allergy


Stinging eyes, runny nose, sniffling falling: dusts are back! Consider the possibility that you tried Aura homeopathy treatment for Allergic Rhinitis, pollen allergy, and hay fever, to ease the symptoms of allergies without any side effects.
Have you try Aura homeopathy to relieve allergy symptoms?
Even without reading the latest allergy pollen bulletin, allergic patient know that pollens are back.
watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose or eyes: all the symptoms of conjunctivitis or allergic rhinitis are here to remind you! that Pollen allergy is back.

Seasonal allergies:
Four natural homeopathy remedies to keep smiling
To relieve the pollen allergy symptoms, patient can safely opt for Aura homeopathy, even adding the homeopathic medicine along with antihistamines, will reduce the doses of antihistamines and increase the effectiveness of homeopathy.
Best Homeopaths in India recommend 2 basic homeopathic medicines:
Pollens 30CH and Lung histamine 6CH: four granules of each homeopathic medicine, if taken three months before the allergy pollen season and throughout its duration can help.
Histamine6ch is taken in the morning and Pollens30ch in the evening at bedtime.
• Allium cepa 6CH Best Homeopathy medicine for rhinitis, when the nose runs with sneezing
• Naphtalitum 6CH Best homeopathic medicine for allergy, when nasal discharge is abundant
• Nux vomica 6CH Best homeopathy medicine for stuffy nose, with a stuffy nose at night with sneezing in the morning
• Euphrasia 6CH Best homeopathic medicine foe allergic conjuctivitis, when the eyes are very irritated (with or without rhinitis)
• Sabadilla 6CH: if the hay fever from an obstruction of the nostrils and itching of the soft palate
Choose the one (s) that best fits your symptoms and take 4 granules 3 to 4 times a day, space and stop depending on the improvement.
We consult the doctor ...
• If a cough and breathing difficulty (which may trigger an asthma attack: wheezing) occur.
• If the homeopathic treatment does not provide relief after a few days and if the symptoms interfere with daily activities and / or prevent sleep well

The most frequently found remedies are:
• Psorinum
• Tuberculinum

Please note: The homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitis mentioned above are only to be consumed after consulting a well qualified Homeopathic Doctor because every patient is different and right case taking is the key to the correct homeopathy treatment.

At Aura homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre India, treatment for any ailment is based upon the constitution of the patient hence the homeopathy medicines differ for each patient, depending upon their particular symptoms. At Aura Homeopathic clinic our team of Best Homeopathic Doctor in India, chosen Best Homeopathic Medicine For Pollen Rhinitis on the basis of patient’s symptom totality.

Why Aura Homeopathy for Allergic rhinitis and Hay fever:- Classical Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. In the United States of America, homeopathy medicines are regulated by FDA- Food and Drug Administration. The World Health Organization considers Homeopathy as the second largest health system in the world.  As per Dr.Abhishek Kasana M.D Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre -India, Homeopathy offers Best Treatment for pollen allergy, Allergic rhinitis, hay fever and other allergic diseases. The selection of the Best Homeopathic medicine for Allergies is based on the theory of individualization and the similarity of the symptoms through the use of a holistic approach. This is the only way through which you can recover by removing all signs and symptoms that the patient is suffering from a state of complete health. The goal of Best homeopathy Doctor is not only for the treatment of allergic Rhinitis, but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. With regard to therapeutic drugs, several remedies are available for the treatment of allergic rhinitis that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations and modalities of the claims. For the selection of the individualized remedy and treatment, the patient should consult Best homeopathic doctor near you, or opt for Aura Homeopathy India Cyber clinic appointment.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Finding Best Homeopathy Doctor For Psoriasis Treatment In Delhi

Psoriasis is considered an autoimmune disease, it is due to bad defense system that generates inflammatory reactions where there is no reason for this to happen. In this way, patients with psoriasis seem to have a greater predisposition to suffer from other diseases of this type at the same time as their skin problem, the most frequent being joint involvement, which is known as psoriatic arthritis. As per Dr. Abhishek Kasana Homeopathy Doctor in India, a number of psoriasis patient visit us with outbreak of plaque psoriasis. Our team of Best Homeopathy Doctors in Delhi, approach psoriasis patients from the perspective of Classical Homeopathy, we take into account the origin, the possible cause with which the patient can relate the origin of his medical condition
In Delhi, psoriasis affect approximately 5 percent of the population . It can appear at any time of life but it is more frequent that it does between 14 and 36 years, as it happened with the patient who told you. At Aura Homeopathy India- our Team of Best Homeopathy Doctor in India, treat psoriasis through classical homeopathy.
Another important aspect to keep in mind is that it is a disease that can manifest itself to outbreaks, with periods in which the person remains without injuries, or in a more chronic way, with permanent lesions with phases of greater or lesser intensity of the manifestation. And there may also be cases in which we observe a definitive remission of the lesions . Let's not forget that the body's self-regulation ability is extraordinary. 
It's not contagious.
In relation to its treatment , from the conventional point of view, we have three basic strategies that can be combined if necessary:
Treatments used directly on the skin:
They are the most used and usually include creams, ointments and ointments based on cortisones and tars. 
Oral treatments:
They include medications whose goal will be to slow the response of our immune system . The most used medications in this regard will be methotrexate and cyclosporins .
Retinoids and, in the most severe cases, the so-called biological drugs will also be used .
The use of all these drugs requires a constant control of patients due to the high risk of unwanted effects. 
It consists of exposing the skin to ultraviolet light and can be done alone or in combination with medications that make the skin more sensitive to these rays.
I insist, the treatment of psoriasis is not easy and all the tools available to us can have their place at some point in the treatment and in some types of patients depending on their severity. And that is why we cannot give up other aspects of the treatment that can contribute greatly to the improvement of these patients.
Stress management and our emotional world:
There is a moment in our intrauterine life in which we are formed by three layers of cells . From each of these three layers will come the different tissues and organs that will form. Well, the layer from which our skin will form and our nervous system is the same . This has to give you an idea of ​​the intensity of the link between our emotions and our skin.
We have to think that not only do we feed on what comes through our mouth, we also do it on what comes through our ears and our eyes . And, in the same way, diet is not the only source of toxins. What we think and feel can also end up poisoning us.
Looking inward to find harmony and peace  is not easy, we have never been taught to do so. Managing our emotions is essential to achieve an emotional balance that also moves to our body. And, of course, to our immune system. That's what psycho neuro immuno endocrinology talks about .
A well-balanced exercise-rest relationship, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy ... everything that contributes to our emotional balance will contribute to the balance in our skin.
And remember the invaluable value of homeopathic medicines when modulating all those states of anxiety, discouragement, sadness that these patients can suffer throughout their process.
Although the  causes that cause psoriasis are not known, we do know that in many cases the onset is usually related to some of these circumstances:
·      Stress , as it seems to be the case of the patient we were talking about at the beginning.
·      Bacterial or viral infections such as influenza or infectious pharyngitis.
·      Trauma and skin lesions such as bumps, wounds, bites, burns
·      Some medications.
·      Alcohol abuse .
·      Excess or defect of sun exposure
We also know that the disease has a family history; It is much more frequent to suffer if one of the parents already suffers and even more so if both suffer. But it is also true that environmental and vital factors in general play a fundamental role so that many children of patients with psoriasis will not suffer from the disease in life and that many other psoriasis patients do not have any cases of the disease in their family history.

Before Treatment

During Treatment

After Treatment

Friday, 26 April 2019

Best Homeopathic Medicine For Alopecia Areata

Finding Best Homeopathic Medicine For Alopecia Areata:
Clinical Update and Review of Repertory Rubrics

Alopecia Areata is a type of recurrent non-scarring alopecia, of origin
autoimmune disease that involves hair loss from the scalp and other hairy areas
of the body. Its evolution is variable, and can be presented as a single plate or
as multiple plates, being able to progress to affect the entire surface of the leather
scalp, picture known as total alopecia. If the condition progresses, other areas
hairy of the body may be affected as the hair of the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, area
genital, etc., when alopecia then tends to generalization is known as
universal alopecia. The Alopecia Areata may also present involvement of the nails (associated with cases of greater severity), being the pitting, or nail in thimble, the most frequent manifestation to find.
The following are considered bad prognostic factors:
1- Extension of injuries
2- Duration of alopecia
3- Personal history of atopy
4- Family history of Alopecia Areata
5- Presence of other autoimmune diseases
6- Nail involvement
7- Beginning in childhood
8- Opiate form (when alopecia compromises the temporo line of implantation

The evolution of the pathology when presented as isolated plaques is usually benign
with spontaneous repopulation of the lesions, however for the disseminated forms the
prognosis is reserved being also the treatment for these forms of presentation of
very difficult dermatological management. Are these cases of difficult resolution an opportunity so that homeopathic treatment can demonstrate its depth of action.

Material and methods
As part of the systematic research program of the Repertory rubrics carried out
At Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation India, all the headings were investigated
repertoriales related to the pathology in question, present in the Repertoire of Kent and others
Classical repertoires: Boger-Boenninghausen, Boericke, Knerr, etc.
-Hair, hair, fall, plates, in
-Hair, hair, baldness
-Head, hair, baldness, plates
-Nose, window hairs fall
-Oh, hair, fall, eyebrows
-Eye, hair, fall, eyelashes
-Cara, fall, mustache
-Cara, fall, sideburns
-Genital feminine, hair, fall, of
-Genital male, pubic hair, fall
-Piel, hair falls

There was also an investigation in the Classical Medical Materiel that systematically complemented the previous analysis and included clinical healings
of cases belonging to the Bank of Report and Study of Homeopathic Cases of
India (BRECHI),

A large series of modifications of great practical value could be detected and
Medications: a. Missing rubrics were added, b. wrong included in
others were eliminated; c. scores of them were corrected.
Rubrics: a, missing in the repertoires were added; b. duplicates were
unified c. of doubtful or unclear significance were clarified; d
established crossings and relationships between the rubrics of 1 ° 2 ° and 3 ° degree.
All these modifications were included in the Software of Dr. Kasana of the Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation . We illustrate this summary with the example of following rubric that corresponds to the Alopecia Areata:

Head, hair, fall, plates, in
all-c , apis, ars , bac, calc , CALC-PH, canth, carb-an , cupr-s, FL-AC, graph, hep , iod,
kali-p, kali-s, morg-g, petr, phos, psor , sulph, vinc-m
For Calcárea phosphorica the score three (3) comes from cases reported and cured of Alopecia Areata in GAP

Our other articles explaining how it is treated with Homeopathy and the Best indicated Homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata are given below.

Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation India
Alopecia Areata Repertorial Update
Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation, Faridabad, Delhi- NCR, India 31 April 2018 and 17 Aug, 2018
© Homeopathic Medical Foundation Aura . All rights reserved.

Dr. Abhishek Kasana M.D Homeopathy (Homeopathic Doctor In India)
Homeopathic Specialist in Skin and Hair disease- Dermatology Homeopathic
Adjunct Professor Homopathic Medical Foundation
Master in Homeopathic Medicine

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