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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Best Homeopathic Medicine For Alopecia Areata

Finding Best Homeopathic Medicine For Alopecia Areata:
Clinical Update and Review of Repertory Rubrics

Alopecia Areata is a type of recurrent non-scarring alopecia, of origin
autoimmune disease that involves hair loss from the scalp and other hairy areas
of the body. Its evolution is variable, and can be presented as a single plate or
as multiple plates, being able to progress to affect the entire surface of the leather
scalp, picture known as total alopecia. If the condition progresses, other areas
hairy of the body may be affected as the hair of the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, area
genital, etc., when alopecia then tends to generalization is known as
universal alopecia. The Alopecia Areata may also present involvement of the nails (associated with cases of greater severity), being the pitting, or nail in thimble, the most frequent manifestation to find.
The following are considered bad prognostic factors:
1- Extension of injuries
2- Duration of alopecia
3- Personal history of atopy
4- Family history of Alopecia Areata
5- Presence of other autoimmune diseases
6- Nail involvement
7- Beginning in childhood
8- Opiate form (when alopecia compromises the temporo line of implantation

The evolution of the pathology when presented as isolated plaques is usually benign
with spontaneous repopulation of the lesions, however for the disseminated forms the
prognosis is reserved being also the treatment for these forms of presentation of
very difficult dermatological management. Are these cases of difficult resolution an opportunity so that homeopathic treatment can demonstrate its depth of action.

Material and methods
As part of the systematic research program of the Repertory rubrics carried out
At Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation India, all the headings were investigated
repertoriales related to the pathology in question, present in the Repertoire of Kent and others
Classical repertoires: Boger-Boenninghausen, Boericke, Knerr, etc.
-Hair, hair, fall, plates, in
-Hair, hair, baldness
-Head, hair, baldness, plates
-Nose, window hairs fall
-Oh, hair, fall, eyebrows
-Eye, hair, fall, eyelashes
-Cara, fall, mustache
-Cara, fall, sideburns
-Genital feminine, hair, fall, of
-Genital male, pubic hair, fall
-Piel, hair falls

There was also an investigation in the Classical Medical Materiel that systematically complemented the previous analysis and included clinical healings
of cases belonging to the Bank of Report and Study of Homeopathic Cases of
India (BRECHI),

A large series of modifications of great practical value could be detected and
Medications: a. Missing rubrics were added, b. wrong included in
others were eliminated; c. scores of them were corrected.
Rubrics: a, missing in the repertoires were added; b. duplicates were
unified c. of doubtful or unclear significance were clarified; d
established crossings and relationships between the rubrics of 1 ° 2 ° and 3 ° degree.
All these modifications were included in the Software of Dr. Kasana of the Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation . We illustrate this summary with the example of following rubric that corresponds to the Alopecia Areata:

Head, hair, fall, plates, in
all-c , apis, ars , bac, calc , CALC-PH, canth, carb-an , cupr-s, FL-AC, graph, hep , iod,
kali-p, kali-s, morg-g, petr, phos, psor , sulph, vinc-m
For Calcárea phosphorica the score three (3) comes from cases reported and cured of Alopecia Areata in GAP

Our other articles explaining how it is treated with Homeopathy and the Best indicated Homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata are given below.

Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation India
Alopecia Areata Repertorial Update
Aura Homeopathic Medical Foundation, Faridabad, Delhi- NCR, India 31 April 2018 and 17 Aug, 2018
© Homeopathic Medical Foundation Aura . All rights reserved.

Dr. Abhishek Kasana M.D Homeopathy (Homeopathic Doctor In India)
Homeopathic Specialist in Skin and Hair disease- Dermatology Homeopathic
Adjunct Professor Homopathic Medical Foundation
Master in Homeopathic Medicine

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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Homeopathic Medicine Your Best Bet For Cold, Cough, and Respiratory Allergies

Best homeopathy doctor in Delhi

Together with the autumn, the season of various colds, coughs, elevated temperatures and viruses is coming again. Homeopathic treatment can not only treat illness but also prevent it.

Start Homeopathic treatment early: As Per Dr.Abhishek, its better to start homeopathic treatment, before the onset of an illness. Symptoms of the onset of disease are nonspecific, and patient often do not pay close attention to these symptoms. However, if homeopathy is given at this stage will either completely stop the course of disease or manage to proceed the symptoms moderately. Following homeopathic medicines can be of Good use:

·   Aconitum napellus - Homeopathic medicine is useful after sudden heavy cooling, such as dropping into cold water or blowing through the wind. Patient may complaint of cold and cough due to poor clothing on a cold day. When this homeopathic medicine is given on time, it can prevent further inconvenience.

·   Rhus toxicodendron - This homeopathic medicine is particularly suitable after a warm up or sweating of a warm and sweaty body, perhaps outdoors in sports.

·   Nux vomica - helps when the onset of illness manifests in a feeling of no warmth. The condition is accompanied by freezing in the back and, sneezing, with or without a cold. The development of the disease may be due to exposure to cold drafts.

·   Ferrum phosphoricum - The patient may have reddened faces, but the temperature (so far) remains normal. This homeopathic medicine was proven to feel the internal warmth, which is a precursor of rising virosis.

As per Aura Homeopathy Clinic, it is advisable to initially use the above homeopathic medicine at an hourly intervals which is later extended. In the vast majority of cases, no illness will appear.

How Homeopathic medicine help from coughing and colds
Development of upper respiratory tract illnesses is often very common in autum. A runny nose appears to transfer to the bronchi, causing the bronchitis and then bronchitis with cough. Everything can be accompanied by high temperature. In this case, a variety of homeopathic medicines can be used. Few Best Homeopathic medicine for Cough and cold are: One of the Leading Homeopathic Doctor in Delhi

1. Homeopathic medicine for dry cough

·   Aconitum napellus  - is a cough medicine that appears after sudden cold wind exposure. Patient complaint of cough and fever typically at midnight. Rough dry cough, along with dyspnea, and high temperature. If this homeopathic medicine is given on time, it can prevent the disease from becoming more severe.

·   Belladonna  - Best homeopathic medicine for cough caused by dryness of the mucous membranes in the early stage. It is best suitable at the beginning of an infectious disease. It often works well with Aconitum when a high-temperature patient begins to sweat. The cough is dry, barking, the mucous membrane in the neck is red, as well as the skin from which it radiates heat.

·   Bryonia alba - The homeopathic bedicine is Best for colds with rhinitis that "passes into the chest" and develops into bronchitis with dry cough. Condition of the patient is aggravated with every move, and even with an attempt to deeper breath. Condition is better by lying down and clamping of the chest with hands. Cough can be accompanied with high fever and great thirst.

·   Phosphorus - a  medicine for people whose colds move easily into the bronchi. Cough is caused by a feeling of irritation in the airways. It is aggravated by speaking, laughing, moving or changing the temperature in the rooms, ie the transition from heat to cold or vice versa. The cough is accompanied by a feeling of grip on the chest. Improves in a warm bed. The sick often requires ice drinks.

·   Ferrum phosphoricum  - Dry cough along with high temperature. Other symptoms may include ear pain, or nose bleeds.

2. Homeopathic Medicine For wet cough

·   Drosera  - Cough with violent seizures where the patient can not catch his breath. Occasionally vomiting. Cough usually occurs at bedtime, cause by speech, food or cold drinks. It is Best Homeopathic medicine suitable for people who are very cold, and sweating a lot at the night.

·   Hepar Sulfur - Coughing in cold-blooded children who easily become cold with purulent secretions of the mucous membranes. Patient often complaints of  rhinitis, sinusitis or laryngitis.

·   Kalium bichromicum  - is best homeopathic medicine for later stages of cough, where the respiratory tract mucosa is generally affected, ranging from rhinitis, chrapotus to bronchitis. Everywhere we find a yellow secretion, which is stretched out in a rope, and it can dry out in the nostril.

·   Pulsatilla  - This homeopathic medicine helps with a variable cough. The patient is coughing a lot of yellow mucus during the day, while the cough is dry and irritating at night. Cough getting worse in warmth, in a warm room, down hill and at night.  Fresh air Bring’s relief.

For cough homeopathic treatment, the best procedure is to start taking the best selected homeopathic medicine for 2-3 days in 6CH dilution and then switch to 30CH dilution. For dry and irritable cough, 30CH dilution can be given right from the start of treatment. Alternatively, homeopathic and biochemic medications can be combined, depending on individual patient's troubles.

Do not underestimate
Inflammation of the airway mucosa can persist for a long time after the acute illness, even after the phase of high temperatures and acute symptoms has subsided. Signs of persistent inflammation include mildly elevated temperature, occasional feelings of bitterness or rising fever, and permanent light cold or cough with mostly yellowish secretion. In these cases, it is advisable to treat the inflammation with the combination of Sulfur iodate 6CH and Pulsatilla 6CH, both 4 times 4 granules. For these preparations, Oscillococcinum can also be added 6x daily for 14 days.

Article author: Dr.Abhishek kasana M.D Homeopathy. Doctor is dedicated to intensive meditation and homeopathy.
He is a member of the Board of the Homeopathic Medical Association Delhi, India. M.D Aura Homeopathy Clinic India.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Why Homeopathic Medicine For Migraine Headache?

 Homeopathic Medicine For Migraine Headache
In this article I would like to focus on causes and homeopathic medicine for migraine headache. First of all, we must admit that modern medicine can never cure migraine. Allopathy drugs only suppress pain and if taken daily, it also acts preventively. However, they do not affect the cause and, therefore, the side effects (especially on the liver) prevail over the positive effect. I can say from my own experience that Migraine headache is curable and Migraine response Best to homeopathic treatment. There are two most common causes of recurrent headaches, migraines.

Aura Homeopathic treatment of Headache is somewhat different from conventional treatment. From my earlier articles, you could find out that homeopathy treats a person , as a whole organism, and not a disease. The healing of Migraine Headache is achieved in homeopathy by strengthening the body as a whole. Once the correct homeopathic remedy is selected, migraine headache disappear. (see Best Homeopathic medicine for Migraine headache)

1.For metabolic and mainly psychological reasons, liver overheating occurs. It is typical of middle-aged men, more often men, rather well-bloody with red face, brown eyes, tendency to sweat and rage. However, this type of migraine can also be a completely different type if, for example, he or she will work intensively mentally or will live in constant stress - entrepreneurs, managers, but also doctors or lawyers. Of course, an inappropriate diet can also make a significant contribution to raising liver metabolism - fried, roasted meat, alcohol, coffee ... and especially rush and stress at food. Any allopathy drugs, burden the diseased liver cells and make the disease more complicated. Top homeopathic medicines for Headache and migraine, Nux Vomica, Melilotus or Sulfur are suitable. Best homeopathy doctor in Delhi

2.Headache related to cervical spine. Here, most of the pain begins at the back of the neck, and then it can spread to other parts of the head. It results from a faulty headholding, resulting in structural changes in the cervical vertebrae. It is always associated with unbalanced and excessive tension in the neck muscles. Again here is the underlying cause in the psyche. Such people have on their shoulders "loaded" more than they are able to bear. Also, fear is often manifested by the subconscious withdrawal of the shoulders to the head ... Here Best Homeopathic medicine for Headache are Paris quadrifolia, Actea racemosa and Gelsemium sempervirens.

Dr.Abhishek Kasana M.D Aura Homeopathy India, recommended physiotherapy along with homeopathic medicine.And, of course, changing the inner attitude towards life and self. Homeopathy can also cure most common "non-migraine" headaches if they are primary, not the result of any other serious pathology.

In women, migraine is often associated with an imbalance in the hormonal system. Symptoms of synthetic hormones (eg contraceptives) are unfortunate. The main homeopathics here are Lachesis, Sepia and Pulsatilla. They are selected according to the type of woman.
There are other possible causes of headaches. I want to highlight the high pressure. Here it is necessary to heal the most - whether homeopathic (eg Belladona, Aurum ...) or classically selected homeopathic medicine. Another cause may be blurred vision. Here is a good thing to work with an ophthalmologist, i.e.practicing eye yoga. I point out that worsening eyesight is mostly due to impaired hepatic energy.

So it is advisable to think about whether it is better to trace these causes - and try to remove them than just swallow the pain medication. The choice of suitable homeopathic (as well as other natural) medicines must be determined by the appropriate expert.

Author: Dr. ABHISHEK KASANA (BHMS,C.F.N, PGNIH, PG (HOM), MD [HOM], DI.hom-United Kingdom, P.G.D.P.H Chennai

Dr.Abhishek Kasana is a renowned classic homeopathic doctor at Aura Homeopathy Clinic India with more than 17 years of experience. He strongly recommended classical homeopathic treatment, as per Dr.Abhishek, homeopathy treats a person, as a whole organism, and not a disease. The healing of any ailment is achieved in homeopathy by strengthening the body as a whole. 

Note: Information about homeopathic treatment of acute and chronic diseases published on is of an informational and educational nature only. In no case do they replace a personal consultation at a homeopathic counseling center.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Headache-Homeopathy and Natural Tips | Top Homeopathic Doctor in India

Headache-Homeopathy and Natural Tips

Author: Dr. Abhishek Kasana

Headaches can surprise. It appears suddenly and intensely, sometimes it creeps slowly, and we can not even notice that it has swallowed us all at once.

The easiest way to get rid of the pain is to swallow a painkiller tablet. But why bother the body with chemical drugs when this path can be circumvented. Sometimes it helps to know the cause - psychological problems, tension, poor drinking regime, poor digestion, incorrect posture ...

Homeopathic medicine offers us a number of options to relieve the patient with headaches.

If headaches are repeated, diet modification is also necessary, because the wrong diet can contribute significantly to their development, whether it is a fluctuating blood sugar level or toxic load with different additives. In order to stabilize the blood sugar level, it is necessary to eat smaller portions a day and rather to omit sweet foods with a high content of simple sugars. Sufficient fiber content is important to prevent congestion and toxic burden. Properly enough calcium and magnesium must be added in diet. For example-  soy products, leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and bananas, and omega 3 fatty acids in salmon or mackerel. It is necessary to limit foods high in tyramine and phenylalanine . Tyramin is mainly found in cheese, coffee, smoked fish, wine, sausages, and phenylalanine in artificial sweeteners and glutamates, which are mainly added to sausages.

Of course, a proper water intake is important, which ensure adequate hydration of the tissues and muscles, and also allow the elimination of all possible toxins.

 How to treat headache naturally?

·         When you feel the headache again here, drink a glass of pure water .

·         Relax. Relaxation techniques help the body to exert tension.

·         Take breathing exercises. The state of breath and mind is closely related. When you are in tension, the breath is not deep enough. Breathing exercises help calm the mind and fill the body with energy.

·         Go for a massage. Massage releases the muscles, releases the whole body, helps to relieve pain and detox. 

·         Indulge in a hot bath - the bath relaxes muscle tension and relieves stress.

·         Take a long walk in the fresh air - not just for pain, but preferably daily for at least 20 minutes.

·         Eat light meals. When digestion is overloaded, the body often responds to headaches.

·         Prepare a ginger paste – Dr.Abhishek considers it a great headache remedy. Mix a teaspoon of dried ginger with some warm water and apply to the forehead and nape. It burns, but it is effective.

Homeopathy also offers a wide range of options that you can find in the text here: Best Homeopathic medicine for Migraine.

Homeopathic medicine Headache

Author: Dr. Abhishek Kasana M.D Homeopathy, D.I.H.O.M United Kingdom

Dr.Abhishek Kasana is Post graduated from one of the Best Homeopathic College in Maharashtra, worked for many years as Homeopathic specialist with Top Homeopathic Doctor in India and World.

As per Dr.Abhishek “I use it daily for the benefit of my family and patients in the treatment of all sorts of problems, serious and less serious, and thanks to my specialization in intensive medicine I can also help patients in the most serious conditions. Homeopathy is gentle, ecological, universal and, above all, effective, as demonstrated by countless scientific studies." 

Note: Information about homeopathic treatment of acute and chronic diseases published on is of an informational and educational nature only. In no case do they replace a personal consultation at a homeopathic counseling center.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Are you having Allergy? Homeopathy can help you

Most Frequently allergic reactions are manifested on the skin respiratory organs. Now a days a large number of persons are complaining of skin allergy like: hives, urticaria, dermatitis or eczema, and respiratory allergies like: Rhinitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma, stuffy nose and hay fever.

Causes of Allergies:

Dr.Abhishek Kasana M.D Aura Homeopathy India, blames Industrialization for allergies. He says main cause of allergic disease is heredity, and external factors like insecticides, pesticides, pollution, stress, etc act as exciting factor. Specifically industrialization produces many irritating chemicals substances in air, water and soil that cause various allergic reactions.

Allopathic anti-allergic or anti-histamic medicine can only give you temporary relief, for 24-36 hours. There after patient again start complaining of allergic reactions. Anti Histamin medicines like allegra, levo cetrizen, cetrizen, lorfast, etc are given to patients but patient complaints of simiral allergic action once its action is over, as these medicine does not work on the main pathology to make our cells stronger. As per Dr.Abhishek M.D (Homeopathy) allopathic medicine does not touch the root of the allergic disease, where as homeopathic medicine work on the main pathology and helps to make your cells stronger- thereby increasing body’s self immunity.

For treating allergies, it is very necessary to carry out personalized homeopathic treatment.

At Aura Homeopathy clinic India, selection of Best homeopathic Doctor in Faridabad medicine for allergies is based on individual symptoms of the patient, homeopathy do not classify all allergic symptoms into a single drug, a Good Homeopathic Doctor, pay additional attention to the individual's corporal health, medicine history, external environment, behaviour, life proceedings and other comprehensive study of his symptoms.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Homeopathy For Good Sex | Male Sexual problem

Homeopathy For Good Sex

Lack of sexual desire,
Disturb sexual relationship,
Lack of proper sexual orgasm,
PE - Premature Ejaculation,
ED - Erectile Dysfunction
Impotence, etc.

Above are the common problems in male in 21st century.

Long hour continous work, odd hour warking culture, disturbed sleep, anxiety causes both mental and physical fatigue. High Job responsibilities, daily office/home conflicts, Socio-economical trouble, create nervous tension.

As per Dr.Abhishek Kasana M.D Aura Homeopathy India, main sexual organ is our brain. This will be mentioned about what precisely is the phase of excitement, prior to any good sexual act. Any love game, foreplay or the local stimulation, is of no use, if mentally you are "elsewhere".

Mental emotionons, mental depression, anguish, sadness, the fear of pregnancy or any thing else, anxiety are very important cause for sexual dysfunction.
In above described circumstances, if a person suffer from sexual dysfunctions, it is labeled as Impotent.

Getting a good erection and and getting propper erection with high sexual desire, both are two different things. So dont get confused, with lack of sexual desire and impossibility of achieving a good erection. A lot of patients visit us at Aura Homeopathy India with complaint of excessive desire, but unable to satisfy due to either absent, or insufficient erection, with a history of sexual excess.

In addition to above mention mental factors, sexual dysfunction is directly influenced with hormonal change, i.e, the sex hormones in blood circulation. Hence it is normal for a young men, to have much higher desires than Old men.

Homeopathic doctor in Delhi Sex Problem

Top causes of low male sex hormone (testosterone) production

Diseases of the liver,
Impaired kidney function,
Diseases of the pituitary gland,
Excess physical exercise,
Mental fatigue,
Use of certain drugs such as tranquilizers , opiates, anti hypertensive, drugs to suppress appetite, and alcohol.
Regarding the alcohol intake, young men take "a few drinks" for encouragement. But its result is variable. If patient is very sensitive people, or if the dose of alcohol has been high, you may encounter an opposite effect like: mental depression, fatigue, sleepiness, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, and lack of sexual desire.
In the case of female, the level of estrogen directly influence sexual desire, in addition to the mental conditions mentioned above.

The classical homeopathic treatment of Sexual disorders required that each and every case must be thoroughly analyzed from clinical point of view.
To the clinical diagnosis, the diagnosis arising from the
Classical homeopathic case taking, helps to diagnose the cause, and on the basis of totality of symptoms and their causes, the corresponding Best Homeopathic medicine is indicated for each and eary sexual dysfunction case.

As sexual dysfunction is very closely related to the mental emotion's, Aura Homeopathy treatment give good effect, either through the action of constitutional homeopathic medicine, one that adapts to the patient, according to his characteristics, this constitutional homeopathic medicine helps to establish complete balance in mind and body.

Their are many homeopathic medicines which can be of great help in curing sexual dysfunction, but the Best medicine as per indivisualised case depends on proper case taking and indivusilation.

For example, if there is aversion to opposite sex or a lack of sexual interest, along with premature ejaculation, with a history of herpes, the graphites may be very useful.
Premature ejaculation with out proper erection: Lycopodium.
Mentally irritable person, very sensitive to other's opinion, with desperation, and anguish: Nitric acid.

General weakness, usually after a strenuous previous sexual relationship: Agnus
Irritable, cold, chills, lack of affection, sexual indifference, which improves working, cleaning the house at all times: Sepia. 
The loss of sexual desire or low libido, along with a deep anguish, with repressed crying: natrum muriaticum.
Other medications:

Yohimbinum is a powerful medicine have been proved very successfully in treating sexual impotence. At Aura we use it in 12 CH potency in males with erection difficulties (premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction) for those who describe following symptoms:- a lot of salivation or metallic taste in the mouth and at night, difficulties in sleeping "because they have memories of events in their lives that keep them awake "

Damiana: It extracted from the plant Turnera Aphrodisiac. It is recommended in female with difficulty reaching orgasm and those who having disturbed menstrual cycles. Generally we recommend it as Damiana 12 CH, 2 drops three times a day.

Natrum sulfuricum:- We recommend it to single men with erectile dysfunction who are typically withdrawn, melancholic, to whom physical exercise irritates and music makes them sad.

Thuja occidentalis:- We use it in men with erectile dysfunction due to the idealization of women. That is, in those who have idealized their female partner so much that unconsciously she is a goddess with whom they would not allow themselves to have a sexual relationship. We also use it with great success in men and women who have been left with sexual dysfunction after having suffered a sexually transmitted disease.

Titanium:- is very useful in men with premature ejaculation. Men who assume a hard and inflexible posture in their life, try to maintain a self-control of their actions to all test that finally ends up failing during the sexual act due to the neurotic compensation of this rigid attitude.

Conium. It is successfully used in the sexual dysfunctions of the men or women who led, or lead, a life of abstinence or sexual continence for religious, social reasons or simply lonely men and women.

Fluoric acid. It is play boy's medication, for the effects of uncontrolled and promiscuous sexual activity. It is considered that this sexual overflow is due to the fact that man has been left with the Maternal Complex and looks for the mother in all the women he sees, which leads to disappointment. View more Info@ Homeopathic Doctor in Delhi

Friday, 21 December 2018

Why Homeopathy For Pcod Treatment?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex endocrine and metabolic abnormality common in women of childbearing age. It is characterized by chronic anovulation (ovulation dysfunction or loss) and hyperandrogenism (excessive male hormone production in women). The main clinical manifestations are irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, hairy and/or acne, which is the most common female endocrine disease. As per Dr.Abhishek, M.D Aura Homeoipathic Clinic, Lifestyle, lack of physical exercise, proper sleep and dietary irregularities leads to Polycystic ovarian Disease, 

What are the symptoms of polycystic ovary?

One: About half of obese patients have this manifestation, which is associated with excessive androgen, increased ratio of unconjugated testosterone, and long-term stimulation of estrogen.
Two: menstrual thinning, secondary amenorrhea and anovulatory uterine bleeding after menarche.
Three: bilateral ovarian enlargement: ovarian enlargement through laparoscopic direct observation; ovarian volume can be determined by laparoscopic direct ovarian or B-ultrasound imaging.
Four: The hairy hair is rich, facial hair's in females, oily skin, hemorrhoids, and the accumulation of androgen.
Five: Infertility is associated with infertility after marriage, mainly due to menstrual disorders and no ovulation. 
Six: black acanthosis, that is, the skin of the neck, underarms, under the breasts and groin, symmetrical gray-brown pigmentation , such as velvety, flaky hyperkeratosis.

Why Homeopathic medicine for PCOD-

Classically selected homeopathic medicine helps in processing estrogenic activity.
It helps in amenorrhoea or delayed menses, because of ovarian or uterine atony.
It helps in profuse menses with labour like pain.
It works as general tonic for female organs.
It relieve debelity, ovarian pain along with soreness and heavyness in hypogastrium.
It helps in mental depression and anxiety.
It regulates hormonal balance
It is helpfull in leucorrhoea, delayed and irregular menses.
Homeopathic medicine have anti-menorrhagic, anti-inflammatory, antioxytocic, analgesic and uterine tonic effect.

How to prevent polycystic ovary
Preventive measures for polycystic ovary syndrome:
1. Adjust the diet, pay attention to the balance and appropriateness of various nutrients, pay attention to scientific diet, avoid spicy stimulation, greasy fat, warm, light diet, more into the vegetables, fruits. Avoid blindly taking weight loss drugs.
2. Pay attention to work and rest, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness , but should avoid strenuous exercise.
3. Stabilize the mood, pay attention to self-adjustment, maintain optimism, feel comfortable, avoid anger, depression , excessive tension and long-term anxiety.
4. Take contraceptive measures to avoid multiple abortions and avoid taking long-term contraceptives.

The Homeopathic mode of treatment also provides help in reliving stress, mental anxiety and other associated conditions with PCOS. At Aura homeopathic clinic, treatment for any disease conditions is based upon the constitution of the patient and the medicines differ for each patient, depending upon his particular symptoms.

·         Pulsatilla
·         Sepia
·         Cyclamen
·         Trillium Pendulum
·         Platina
·         Alumina
·         Lycopodium
·         Belladona
·         Apis
·         Lachesis
·         Thuja

At Aura Homeopathic clinic we chosen Best Homeopathic Medicine For PCOD on the basis of patient’s symptom totality. Aura Homeopathic Treatment helps to cure Fibroid, Infertility, Acne, Diabetes Mellitus, anxiety, stress and Hypertension as well.